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8:00RegistrationFree dayDeparture
8:30-9:30OpeningParticle int.CalorimetryNeutrino PhysicsElectronics
9:30-10:30Higgs BosonParticle int.CalorimetryGaseous detectorsElectronics
11:00-12:00Challenges for future experimentsSilicon DetectorsPIDGaseous detectorsMagnets
12:00-13:00Hadron - TherapySilicon detectorsPhoto-detectorsElectronicsMagnets
14:30-15:30B-PhysicsLaboratoryLaboratoryLaboratoryMedical appl.
15:30-16:30AstroparticleMedical appl.
17:00-18:00Nuclear PhysicsRound table on medical applications
Welcome cocktailSchool DinnerPosters & beer

Tentative program of the free day

Wednesday 10th September 2014

8:00Departure for Belgrade by bus
9:30Guided tour of Belgrade downtown, including Kalemegdan fortress
11:00Visit to the CERN Exhibition
12:00Lecture at University of Belgrade by Sergio Bertolucci, Director for Research and Computing, CERN
14:00Visit to the Institute of Physics (Zemun)
16:30Departure for Sremski Karlovci
18:00Guided tour of Sremski Karlovci
20:00School dinner at Sremski Karlovci
22:00Return to Novi Sad